Tocadisco feat Julian Smith - Fuck That

This is a work-in-progress; other DJ friends that I have known and loved (none of whom are associated with this website) will be added in due course. They are in no particular order

DJ Paul Goodyear


a cool house track

DeeJay Chip - ARVO

DJ Alex Taylor - Classic House Set 1

DJ Rob Davis - So Bitchin... Soul Deep

DJ Rob Davis - So Bitchin... Soul Deep

I recorded Rob one Monday morning

Crazy 12' Almighty Mix

DJ Mark Alsop's collection of podcasts

DJ Mark Alsop's Podcasts

SplashBack Volume 10 Track 3

SplashBack Volume 4 Track 3

Danny Ooh Yeah on Mixcloud

DJ Danny Ooh Yeah - Just Let Me Dance

DJ Baby Bear - Soulful House

DJ Scott Pullen - Love & Music (old "nu-disco")

DJ Peter Fam - Dance'n'Smile - Voodoo Magic Track 2 by Kathy Brown and the major Boys

DJ James Tobin - a fabulous House set

DJ Kitty Glitter - Little Dick Sexo Muthafuka (KG Bootleg)

me (the bedroom DJ) via Traktor2+Pioneer DJM-T1+NI Kontrol-S4 ~ most of following tracks courtesy of Rob Davis and Mark Alsop

Narcotic Thrust vs. I forgot ~ mashup

Warning: Explicit Language ~ Ito-&-Star_vs_Sudoko_Kid (seX-rated_mix)

Take Control - an old totally reworked soul track (of Kate Monroe's) that i cherry picked & dropped in a sample on the 3rd bar (just to mess with ya)

a Mark Alsop and Collin Gaff track that I destroyed {but i like the samples}

can't remember but i like this

Dab Hands - Do Your Own Thing vs. Ma.mp3

Back in Time (an acapella overlay - DRUGGED mix)

DMC Ice Run

Up the Downpipe - a muddy bass heavy mashup (one of my first attempts using Traktor 2 controllers)

Lovin' vs Paris_to_Belin.mp3


Deep Groove (an old mashup)

some experimental percussive thing that just doesn't flow right

I also messed up this *great* Mark Alsop Splashback track

a "combine-harvestor" (thanks, ROB) of Evacuate the Dancefloor vs ?

another "combine-harvestor" mashup

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