House Cats

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rare and old sets added, intro selection updated again, added Sandi Hotrod ...

Yotto at Anjunadeep Open Air NYC (Smooth Tech House)

Mid 90's video of a Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Party show. The track is called "Free, Gay and Happy" by Coming Out Crew

[117 BPM] Sub Sub Ft Melane Williams - Aint No Love (BoogieKnights Re-Funk)

Chilled Disco/House fusion

Boogie Shoes (MNG Remix) - K.C. And The Sunshine Band

Dr. Alban - Sing Hallelujah (setup Remix)

Deelite - Groove Is In The Heart (Marbrax 2017 Remix)

Tocadisco feat Julian Smith - it's *funny* so listen to the words until the end

Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Right Round - Nicky Bootleg

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (Toty Beat Tech N Sound 2014)

some the best SYD and MLB DJs (more to come like Jake Kilby, Greg Boladian, Justin Scott and others) that I have known and loved (none of whom are associated with this website), listed in no particular order

DJ Feisty v (the late) DJ Mandy Rollins 'Q Ball Mix' (2013)


DJ Sandi Hotrod

DJ Mike Kelly

DJ Mike Kelly

Terrace Sexy House Mix

Funhouse XXL Warm-up For Amsterdam

DJ Peter McNamara (MLB)

A Little Bit Paranoid - Different Gear (Extended Mix)

DJ Paul Goodyear

DJ Paul Goodyear


Take Me to Heaven [Goodyear's 2006 Mix]

a cool house track

DJ Chip


DJ Alex Taylor

Classic House Set 1

DJ Rob Davis

DJ Rob Davis

Crazy 12' Almighty Mix

DJ Mark Alsop

Mark AlsopWiki

DJ Mark Alsop

SplashBack 10 Track 3, SB 4 Track 3

Danny Ooh Yeah

Danny Ooh Yeah on Mixcloud

Just Let Me Dance

DJ Baby Bear

DJ Baby Bear

Soulful House

DJ Scott Pullen

DJ Scott Pullen

Love & Music

DJ Peter Fam


DJ James Tobin

DJ James Tobin

House Music [22.02.2018]

DJ Kitty Glitter

DJ Kitty Glitter

Little Dick Sexo Muthafuka bootleg

rare and old DJ sets

[2008] 091208 Feisty's Dirty Xmas Album

[2013] Alex Taylor DILF MIX 2.0


[2013] Ain't Nobody Got Time For House

[2014] Philthy Beats Vol 8 - May '14.

[2014] 5-01 Philthy Beats Vol 5 (MARDI GRAS)

[2014] (- new order likes crystal FINAL)

Me [with some patience and guidance from my friends] [most of following tracks courtesy of DJs (((Rob Davis & Mark Alsop)))]

[12/2018]: Inflator - Spiritual Sound (RPO Part 1) vs Drop a House - DJ Demarko featuring Heather Leigh (Razopr and ? remix)

Narcotic Thrust v (I forgot) [ancient, interlaced]

Deeper, Slower

Freeway Of Love - Steely M. and Cary August (Club Mix) vs Anane - Let's Get High [Life Love Music](Yves C Mix)

some BIG Dance number mashup

Lost and Found 2

Ito &Star v_Sudoko Kid (SeXXX-rated mix)

75 Brazil St (remixed)

Take Control - an old totally reworked soul track of Kate Monroe's

a Mark Alsop and Collin Gaff track (messy mix)

I can't remember !

Dab Hands - Do Your Own Thing v a Mark Alsop Splashback track

Back in Time (Drugged mix)

DMC Ice Run (mashup)

Up the Downpipe (mashup)

Lovin' v Paris to Berlin

Mixed up

Deep Groove

an experimental percussive thing

Another great Mark Alsop's Splashback track (reblocked mix)

Evacuate the Dancefloor (mashup)

a "combine-harvestor" mashup (haha, Rob's name for "Traktor" remixes)